Knitwear, and especially cashmere sweaters, requires special care. Follow these simple instructions and your sweater will ‘bloom’, becoming softer and fuller as it gets broken-in like a quality leather shoe. 



We recommend not to wear a cashmere garment more than 2 days in a row – ideally, you should let it rest for as many days as it has been worn. This will ensure that the fibers relax, untangle and reduces cashmere’s natural tendency to pill.



Cashmere and fine merinos garments should ALWAYS be washed by hand ( or professionally dry-cleaned )

  • Use a special cashmere or a quality shampoo and make sure it is completely dissolved before gently rinsing – you do not need a softener and NEVER use powder.

  • Turn the garment inside-out and rinse with water warm enough to keep your hands comfortably in it. Gently squeeze the suds through taking care not to rub or wring the garment. Give a final rinse with cold water.



NEVER put your sweater in a dryer!

  • Roll the wet garment in a dry towel and twist both ends of the towel to remove excess water. Lay flat on a 2nd towel and allow to dry naturally .

  • Keep away from any direct source of heat such as radiators or sunlight.

  • Once dry, press to shape carefully using a medium-setting iron and with a damp cloth on the garment to prevent over-heating and damaging the fibers.



NEVER store a sweater  hanging.

  • Store your garment inside-out or in a sealed plastic bag.

  • For added protection, wrap your sweater in tissue paper

  • The fewer folds the better to reduce creasing and loss of shape.

  • Store in a cool, dry place.

  • Bugs LOVE fine wools so use cedar blocks or mothballs.



We consider our sweaters to be a long-term investment. During the lifetime of your Atelier-Inam Cashmere and Extra-Fine Merinos 180s sweater you can return them to us for cleaning and repairs.


  • Purchase RENEWAL option for EU 40 on our LIFESTYLE page. This option covers the cost of courrier both ways as well as the cost of renewal

  • Return us your sweater using the on-line Return form and choose Renewal from the reason for return options

  • It normally takes around  2-3  weeks for us to renew and refresh your sweater

  • We shall return your sweater by courrier

  • This service is offered free-of-charge to our PLATINUM Level customers 


Sweaters cannot, unfortunately, last forever. When you feel that your sweater cannot be worn anymore, we ask you not to throw it away - too many garments end up in land-fills.

Please return it to us using the on-line Return form and use Recycling from the reason for return options. We collect these pieces and send them for conversion back into fibre which can then be used to spin yarn for re-use.

The cost of the return will be to our account.