What do you mean by Made-To-Order?

Unlike traditional brands, we do not hold stocks of garments. We produce your order as soon as we receive it and deliver it to you within 7 days. This system allows us to never be out-of-stock on any size or colour. It is also the most efficient method as it eliminates waste and unsold stock so we can pass the savings to you. While our system does mean that we cannot satisfy impulsive purchases, we do believe every made-to-order product is worth the wait!


Where are your products made?

All our sweaters are made in our own factory in Mauritius. Our Made-To-Order production lines are designed as collaborative teams of less than 50 workers to ensure quality and a non-alienating work-atmosphere. We are proud of our factory and you are most welcome to visit if you ever visit our island – please call for a guided tour appointment.


What’s so special about your quality?

All our knitwear is made from the finest natural materials and we use yarns from the best spinners around the world. Many of these yarns are so special, you will rarely find sweaters made with them in traditional brands or high-level retailers as they are supplied mostly to Luxury houses and sold at rarefied prices.

We sweat the details of every sweater, even those few customers will notice. Many of our fine sweaters are as cleanly finished on the inside as the outside and can be worn inside-out to give a more casual look with external seams. Some styles are hand-finished to ensure perfection.

Finally, as we produce to order, we have an individual view on quality at every stage of the production process – our staff appreciate knowing who they are producing for and make extra-sure every sweater exceeds their future owner’s expectations.

What about Sustainability?

Raw Materials

Our suppliers of yarn are all world-class. They ensure their raw-materials are sourced in the most ethical and environmentally sustainable manner and that their production processes adhere to strict environmental standards. We are not important enough customers to have an influence on their production methods so we only work with those suppliers whom we trust to have – and maintain- the highest standards.

Production Process

We hate waste and our production processes are designed to be as waste-free as possible. All our sweaters are knit-to-shape so we do not have any waste yarn from the process.  We use non-toxic softeners in our washing process and the discharged water is treated.  

Re-Use and Recycling 

When our sweaters reach the end of their life, we encourage you to return them to us. Depending on their condition, we offer them to those less-fortunate or recycle them back into raw materials to be spun into yarn.

Carbon Footprint

We are far from all our markets and our use of air-freighted courier packages does imply a carbon-footprint. We offset this by collaborating with the Bras D’Eau Nature Reserve and planting endemic trees in the Reserve on a regular basis.

Sustainable Jobs 

Our wish is to preserve jobs in the knitwear industry in Mauritius through our unique factory to customer economic model – unlike many on-line brands claiming to be Direct-To-Customer we REALLY are as we ARE the factory! As we grow, we shall regenerate this industry and sustain the textile skills which have developed over 2 generations and our objective is to use technology to preserve traditional jobs, not destroy them. We shall also create new opportunities in the technology related fields we will require to become more relevant to you, our customers.