Our Story

The Story of Atelier Inam begins in the middle of the Indian Ocean, on the small paradise-like Island of Mauritius best known for its sophisticated beach resorts, diverse culture and hospitable people. Its long tradition of producing high-quality apparel is less well known.


During the cold and harsh winters of my college years in Rhode Island and in Boston, USA, I - the oldest son of the latest generation - had an endless supply of high-quality, custom-made and great-fitting sweaters. Although I came from a tropical Island, I was always, to the amazement of my friends, the best prepared to tackle the cold.


On my return home, I experienced my father’s frustration in continuously compromising his values of high quality knitwear to produce for other brands in the cut-throat world of apparel. Sadly, as the world becomes more globalized, true artisanal jobs and skills are being lost, as brands seek cheaper countries to produce faster-fashion.


 For my generation, what we wear expresses our values and choosing brands is a real challenge. Environmental impact, ethical issues, quality and value, are as important as styling and more important than branding. We have access to information and we want to make educated and conscious buying decisions.


 Atelier Inam was created to address these challenges. We use technology to connect directly with our customers across the world but are committed to keeping that connection as personal as possible through the genuine interaction of people. 

It’s our way to keep on doing what we love, in a way we can live with, on the Island which is our home.



Atelier Inam was created to re-affirm our values and to continue our heritage.


We know there are better ways to produce clothes.

Rejecting scale for scale’s sake and respecting the artisan's skill and talent. Caring for the environment with no waste. Supporting local communities and creating sustainable jobs.

We believe everyone deserves great fitting clothes and true quality is not a privilege for a few.

Serving all customers, not only those who fit the traditional size profile of traditional brands. Exceeding our customers’ expectations and amazing them with rare and extraordinary products at prices which are always fair.

We re-invent luxury by embracing the modern.

Redefining Luxury in a world where quality and exclusivity have become rare. Crafting beautiful and memorable sweaters for you the old way and connecting directly to you the new way.

We aspire to build and connect communities.

Seeking customers around the world who love and appreciate quality and craftsmanship. Connecting to these sensibilities in personal and special ways.